Found a Siberian Husky last week...

What do you do if you have lost your pet? I'll tell you.
Advertise, advertise, advertise.
In newspapers, on your website, facebook, twitter. Email your breed club headquarters.

It's nice to hear the dogs talking to each other.

It is 2 o'clock and the afternoon crew has just come in and let the dogs out.
* Some of them rush out barking at the Sun. It's hot outside today so they won't want to stay outside long.
* Some stretch lazily waking up from there noon time nap that slowly they may be on a couple of times and say hello to their neighbors.
* Some piddle right away and many will produce a more solid object at the very far end of the outdoor kennel run.

Spring is near

Our kennel is warm and dry and we are happy that we do not have 20 inch snow storms. And when dogs come into the office tails wagging we are equally happy to see them. By the way, my dogs are thriving on the raw food diet, which they have been on for close to ten years. We are now distributing the many mixtures offered by Blue Ridge Beef.

North Carolina Vacation

Have you thought about a North Carolina vacation trip? That is how we discovered North Carolina, or my parents did. The summer of l941 we were living in Venezuela where my father was working for Shell, and we could not go back to Holland for home leave, so we took a car trip through Western North Carolina all summer long and fell in love with this part of the world. My mother and sister and I spent the rest of the World War II years in Waynesville and Asheville while my father was off rebuilding the refineries in the Pacific as soon as they were won back.


The ABKA accreditation emblems and certificates of the most recent years will remain posted in our office because we have always been, and will continue to be, very proud of our truly accredited history.


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