Where's the grass? A Tale about the snow storm here at the Kennel

MUFFIN: Hey, where’s the grass? I’ve got to pee on the grass! Are we in the wrong place? WOW, what happened here? This stuff is COLD! And I can’t even find the sidewalk. Alright, Mom, HELP!

MOM: Alright, my little Muffin … you hopped right into the snow, and, of course, it shocked you. With your little four inch legs, this is new for you. It’s snow! And a little too deep for you. But I can’t find the grass either! Come over here where there’s some bare concrete for you!
Alright, George, you’re next! That’s right, go on out and get into your own run! Big brave Rottie … go on!

GEORGE: What happened? Everything looks different, and where are my favorite smells? Well, here’s the corner of Charlie’s playpen to lift my leg on. I can see my tree but my gravel’s gone! I’m not walking on this cold stuff!

MOM: Well, my goodness, George. You’re running along the narrow, little path I cleared off for me to walk to the kennel without getting show in my shoes. Alright, come back inside; Harley and Tia are waiting to come out.
There you are, Harley … my goodness, you are a real poodle … just plowing into that snow! A bit surprising isn’t it? But with all that hair on your feet and in between your toes, you’re wearing your own snow boots. And little Tia, my beautiful little white toy poodle, you just keep hopping right along. Just like a bunny, to where you know the grass should be, right there buried beneath all that white stuff. What did you say, Tia?

TIA: What a nuisance! What is all this stuff? You know I have to run around in many little circles to find just the right spot! This stuff is everywhere. I checked out the whole place. Mom, you’ll have to dry my paws off before I can go back in with my little puppies! Well, at least my ‘business’ has disappeared down into all this white stuff. Please take me back inside, NOW!

MOM: Alright, little girl. You, too, Harley! You’ve checked everything out too, eh? And, you’ve dumped your ‘business’ right in the middle of my cleared off little walkway! Well, at least I can see it there and clean it up easily. Good Boy! Now, who’s next?