I named him Twinkle Toes when he was born, a black toy poodle with white hairs in between his toes on the bottom of his feet. He was easy to identify among his littermates as they lay on their little tummies pumping and sucking at mommy’s milk supply, with the bottom of all little back feet showing. The little white hairs peeking out from in between his toes twinkled brightly when I would peek in to see how the little canine family was doing.
The name suited him well as he grew up into a bouncy poodle puppy. And when he moved in with my dear friend, Fran Masterman, and her two brown poodle females, The Brown Dancer and Lady Godiva, he became Twink, the star jumper, up on the sofa and over anything that looked jumpable. He loved Agility Training and Fran and I had great fun watching him enjoy going over any jump he could find.
So, when it was time to go to the National Poodle Specialty in Maryland, we decided he could go with us and we entered him in the Beginners Agility Trial. And how he loved it! However …. When he and Fran entered the ring, he took one good look at all those jumps facing him and took off, leaving Fran down by jump #1, while he went flying over any and all jumps within sight. We were stunned as Fran was frantically calling him to run the course with her. But nothing deterred Twinkle Toes as he went merrily from jump to jump until he suddenly found himself out of the ring with nothing left to jump. He stood there for a couple of seconds, then turned around and saw all the jumps behind him. You could see him thinking “oh, there they are” as he turned and sped back into the ring to race from jump to jump again.
Then to a roaring applause, he found Fran and with tail wagging, he sat down in front of her, with a very proud expression on his happy face. He never lived that down. Fran died two years ago and Twink came to live with me. He was 17 years old this year. He died this morning and is with Fran again, testing her patience as he jumps from cloud to cloud.