The Trees

I know you must be as horrified as I was saddened by our having to chop down the beautiful row of Bradford pear trees along our parking area, right in front of our kennel. It was a brutal decision but necessary when the second tree in the row split down the middle and hit the telephone and electricity pole on the edge of our property.

Bradford Pears are a genetically engineered tree, so I am told, and have a defect in the main trunk of the tree which divides itself into two trunks with the propensity of then splitting all the way and falling down on whatever happens to be in the way … cars parked along the street or in a parking area … or telephone poles … or worse yet, a person who happens to be getting into his car or just walking by. So, the City of Charlotte has outlawed these trees, and wisely so, and they can no longer be planted along Charlotte streets or public parking areas. I did not know this until the second tree came crashing down. I believe this law was not in existence when we planted the little trees and faithfully watered them and nursed them into the nice looking trees they grew up to be, all the same height and nicely shaped. But down they came about a month or six weeks ago, before another one could come down and do more damage.

And now, of course, our entrance looks like you know what, but as soon as possible, we will start all over again with another type of tree. I think we shall choose Crepe Myrtle, or perhaps Dogwood. We have a lovely Dogwood right in front of our garage which the good Lord planted there and even though it kind of blocks the entrance to half of our garage, I was able to convince my family to leave it be. It blooms profusely in the Spring and even though it was brutally pruned before I could stop the over enthusiastic pruner, it seems to be surviving and has given me the inspiration to plant a row of them where the Bradfords used to be. However, I am afraid they will be too unprotected and vulnerable out there and the Crepes will probably be the wiser choice. Anyway, don’t despair! A new row of hardy little trees will soon be there!