The Three T's of Training

What is learning? And how do we learn? Well, I think it starts with OBSERVING - and then it becomes FIGURING OUT what you were observing until suddenly you UNDERSTAND what you were trying to figure out. Then the thing you now understand is committed to MEMORY. And PRESTO, you have LEARNED something. Now some of that MEMORIZING is kind of automatic, but sometimes you have to seriously push it into your memory and that can be difficult. If you are studying for an exam that does not interest you, it becomes difficult. Now, let's compare how we learn to how your dog learns. Dogs are much more observant than we are, and they are learning constantly. If you walk your dog always along the same streets, you will notice that he/she leads you. And if he gets a cookie when you come home, he runs to the cookie jar to remind you of that cookie. As dogs are very logical, they learn new things easily if they are presented to him in a logical fashion. So if you teach a little puppy to sit, you would say the word "SIT" in a friendly tone of voice, touch him gently under his chin and behind his knees, kind of folding him into the sit position, while you talk him into the sit. Then you give him a little treat as a reward. So you do the logical things. Talk to him with a friendly tone of voice, touch him so he understands what the word SIT means, and then give him a treat. I call that the 3 T's of Training.