New Puppies!

Puppies are darling, lovable, fascinating, beautiful. These two toy poodle puppies I have been living with for the past ten weeks certainly are all of the above, in addition to being adorable. They were born in our guestroom and that in itself is always a breathtaking event.

Two tiny puppies, beautiful, perfect puppies, squirming in my hands, just dry and crawling to their mother's milk supply, knowing immediately to latch on and suck, pumping with tiny little paws. One by one they arrived about 20 minutes apart, smooth hair (champagne in color), weighing exactly five ounces, contently nursing while Mom finishes licking them until they are completely clean and dry.
And within their first few hours, I can tell how they will look when they grow up, except for the smooth hair, of course. It will become curly within a few days as it begins to grow. But for now, you can see their body shape and you can almost always pick the showy dogs ... a few days later they turn into shaggy puppies, very hard to recognize the typical qualities you saw at birth. You can almost see them grow, and they progress from crawling to walking, clumsily at first. Now they become elegant little poodles.

Mom has plenty of milk and they are healthy little boys. I am very strict about that important week, from 21 to 28 days, which is the most critical week in their whole lives. This is when their nervous system begins to function, their eyes can focus, their ear canals open, and they begin to respond to their environment. It is most important that they do not get weaned or dewormed during this time, that nothing in their environment gets changed (such as moving them to another room, strange and/or loud noises, etc.) , and that they DO get lots of loving and touching human hands, getting used to friendly human voices and no disciplinary action at all. This special treatment allows a sweet temperament to develop and avoids problematic tendencies.

But to get back to my two little puppies ... they are growing up and developing their own personalities. They are very lively, playful, and inquisitive and trying to get their gold star for good behavior. The time has come for each of them to bring love and joy to someone who will fall in love at first sight and want to share a long, wonderful life together. And it goes without saying, that my heart will be broken when they leave!!!