Food Policy


We recommend you bring your pet's own food as most dogs seem to do better on their own diet.  We can keep it refrigerated or frozen.
It must be packaged in baggies or small containers which contain one meal each.  
-- Please label each bag/container with AM or PM and your pet's name (Easily done with a sharpie marker).
-- Please DO NOT put vitamins or prescriptions in the baggies.  We want to give the pills to your pet and make sure he/she eats them.  We don't want to find a litte uneaten pill in his/her bed the next morning. Please view our medications policy for more information on medications.
-- We do take great care to see to it that each dog gets his own food and with clearly labeled baggies or containers you can help us do this.  
If you do not wish to bring your pet's own food, we have high quality dog foods available for an additional charge:
Natural FROMM Kibbles 
Served dry or dampened 
(Puppy, Adult, Senior)  
$2.00 per day
Peggy's Homecooked Rizzotto 
(Rice, Beef, and Green Beans)
$3.50 - $6.50 per meal 
Blue Ridge Beef $3.50 - $6.00 per meal
Combination Dishes:
Any combination of Rizotto, Raw Beef, and Dry Kibble
$3.50 - $6.00 per meal
Special Requests:
Scrambled Egg
Fried Hamburger
Chicken Sandwich
$ 1.50
$ 3.50
$ 4.00
Thanksgiving / Christmas Dinners. $6.00 per meal